Installation Performance Art

Scottish-born Kenny McBride has presented elaborate durational installation performances internationally since 2001. The work - conceived as laments - underscores the changing relations between the individual and the State as spaces of memory have been re-drawn and realigned. Nations have lost their assumed privilege to memorialise for us as we are inclined towards a deeper analysis of the past and the rules by which it is written. The works transgress official acts of memory and memorial to bring forth spaces of and for collective memory. They operate through duration cycles of between 4 and 72 hours.

The Arts and Humanities Research Council, UK, financially supported in full his PhD which he has published online at This is a resource for studies in East and Central European art during and after the Communist period.

"In answer to the world as it has been given me, artistic production is a manifestation of my humanity and a social action. Reverberation begins long before and continues long after the act."
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